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Conditioned products: Industrial - Distribution - Services


Flat Beds

P.T.C. from 32 to 42 tons



Conceived especially to give you more flexibility thanks to its body, which adapts to the diversity of freight and all the load patterns; thus optimizing its safety and maximizing its performances.

Frame mechanically welded out of special steel of back decreasing form, ensuring a great flexibility and a robustness to all tests. Side panels body made of corrugated iron of 25/10 thickness. Raisings made of rectangular tubes, combining at the same time robustness, lightness and flexibility.

Flat bed with sides and upper sides 

Two axles flat bed semi-trailer. Body with sides  and upper sides

Simple flat bed

Simple elevator three axles flat bed semi-trailer


Flat bed trans-container

Plateau porte conteneur

Semi trailer flat bed  with two axles suitable for motor vehicles


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